“It’s all bullshit and it’s bad for ya.”-George Carlin

I started Antipriety in 2011 because I felt too many insane social customs were passing through the bullshit detector unnoticed and without question. AP was my middle finger digitally realized, meant to be aimed at one of the worst phrases in the English language: That’s just the way it is. But as I evolved as a person–as a man–so did my baby. It was no longer enough to remark on the inanity of email formalities, or why standing on the job is overrated. My personal evolution had sparked within me this spiraling obsession for outing bullshit–in whatever form or capacity said bullshit took. 

And so at present Antipriety is more than a blog that attacks decorum and tradition; it’s my one-man-army attempt to exterminate anything that wears the mask of truth to gain admittance into the mainstream gates. It is my attempt to find the truth, troll the lies and, as any real writer should be doing, look good in the process. 


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